Everyone dreams, every night, even if you don't remember.

And anyone can learn how.

In this 7-Day Challenge you will: 

  • Increase how frequently you remember your dreams so that you can access the 2 hours of incredible experiences you have every night.

  • Learn how to activate and strengthen your dream recall ‘muscle’ with a fun, playful daily practice that easily integrates into your busy life. 

  • Put into action simple yet powerful techniques that will improve your dream recall and the quality of your sleep. 

  • Discover how an active dreaming life can help you find greater purpose, resilience, and self-acceptance by connecting you to your subconscious, intuition, and inner wisdom.

All it takes is 5 minutes when you wake-up and 5 minutes before bed.


“Working with Cordell really helped make my dreams more salient and frequent. I went from having less than 1 dream remembered per week to dreaming vividly and long every night. My dreams became very meaningful and even revealed blind spots to me in my waking life. Cordell is an inspiring and learned teacher. If you are willing to put in the effort (which amounts to a few intentional minutes a day), you will see drastic improvements in dream recall.

~ M. Halma, Calgary, Canada (Biophysicist)

"Cordell's teaching is packed with intuitive wisdom and personalized tips and techniques that enabled me to tap into a part of me I didn't think was possible. Not only do I feel more awakened and aware in the day but I also feel excited about venturing into my dreams at night. I feel more connected and empowered, and determined to not let my dreams just be dreams." 

~ J. Macias, London, UK

“⁣It wasn't until I started working with Cordell that I developed understanding around my dreams.⁣ Through Cordell’s guidance I turned my seemingly arbitrary dreams into journeys of self-discovery and now use them to deepen my ability to listen to the truth within me.⁣ For anyone seeking to know themselves at the most intimate levels I can't recommend working with Cordell enough. His 20+ years of working with dreams translates with clarity, humility, and ease into what he shares and how he teaches.⁣”

~ Molly Wilder, Vancouver, Canada

"I encourage anyone who has a sliver of interest in their dreams to work with Cordell. You will be guided with compassion and wisdom from a truly gifted man who is working passionately within a field that is clearly his calling. We all know so much about working with therapists or healers to combat our waking state issues, but rarely, do we consider how impactful it is to delve into our dream states. I am still blown away by what a rich world of information and answers our dreams can be to us—and Cordell unlocked this for me." 

~ Natalie Goldenberg-Fife, Ontario, Canada